Remember When In Murtoa

August 8, 2013

‘Remember When In Murtoa’ is a Facebook page that has been set up to take a walk down Murtoa’s memory lane. It is an opportunity for people to reconnected with and rediscover old friends and perhaps make new friends.

If you lived in Murtoa, join us on a journey of memories and discovery! Catch up with old friends and meet new friends. If you have an old photo or story to share, then please make a post and share your Murtoa experience. You could add any places or events you remember from Murtoa’s history. Photos would be great as well. ‘Remember When In Murtoa’, is about sharing memories, so we all can enjoy them.

If you’re young ask your parents or even grandparents, I’m sure they would love talking about the “good ol’ days”. It’s best to go to the last page and work your way up each page to get all the ‘Remember When In Murtoa’ memories.

Let’s all make this a super Murtoa page, and an enjoyable experience for all concerned. Thanks for all your input!

Visit and share your memories at ‘Remember When In Murtoa’ today. Managed by the Murtoa and District Historical Society.