Trees to be removed at Lake

March 19, 2014

Last year the National Trust of Victoria engaged John Fordham to write an arborist report about the trees at Lake Marma for the Heritage Victoria hearing. Contained in that report was a recommendation to remove the trees to the north of the Scout Hall in what is known as Rabl Avenue ‘as they pose a hazard’ to public safety. A separate arborist’s report prepared for the Department of Sustainability and Environment in 2008 also recommends the removal of thirteen trees in the same area.

As a safety measure the committee plans to progressively remove the trees as recommended in the reports and replant the area with a similar species. Also, to allow the construction of a new entry and exit to the swimming pool carpark, the committee also propose to remove one tree near the standpipe in Breen Street. This is a safety initiative given that vision to the west of the current exit from the pool car park is obscured by the water treatment equipment. As part of its revegetation and public gardens program, the committee plans to replace the three unhealthy-looking trees directly north of the pier with new trees

(Murtoa and District Advertiser 13/3/2014)