Roof Repairs at Stick Shed Nearing Completion  

July 14, 2017

Contractors Period Building Conservation P/L of Stanley in North Eastern Victoria have almost completed restoration of the roof at the western end of the Murtoa Stick Shed.

The Contractors were engaged by Heritage Victoria to undertake these works on GrainCorp’s section of the shed as part of the arrangements put in place to allow ongoing access to the shed for the newly appointed Stick Shed Committee of Management.

The arrangements established between Heritage Victoria and GrainCorp included GrainCorp gifting their former Administration Building and a section of land at the western end of the facility in return for the restoration of the roof and construction of fencing to enclose the area of land to be used by the Stick Shed Committee of Management

The Committee of Management which was appointed last October by the State Government to manage and promote the shed as a tourist attraction has been working towards opening the shed for public viewing more often than once a year which is the current situation.

Ms Judith Welsh, Chairperson of the Stick Shed Committee of Management said “The Committee of Management is looking forward to the completion of these works as it will provide unfettered access to the shed and we will be able to clean it up and make it more suitable for visitors”

“While at this stage we do not envisage it being open for viewing prior to this year’s Big Weekend we are confident that following the Big Weekend we will be able to have it open regularly.”