Murtoa Community Engagement meeting coming in July

June 15, 2018

Yarriambiack Shire Council will conduct the community engagement meeting in Murtoa on Wednesday, July 4.

This is an ideal opportunity to present to the Shire how amazing our community is.

Looking around town, the achievements that have been made in Murtoa recently no doubt make all Murtoa residents feel proud of what we can do together. Our lake is full, the grounds are great and continuous improvements are being made. The Tennis Club barbecue area looks fantastic. Our Pool has secured funding for new change rooms to be built after next season. The new Neighbourhood House is open and providing great services to the community, as well as delicious coffee. Property is moving, it is rare to see a house on the market for long. bringing lots of new arrivals to town, both new residents and newborns. Our schools continue to thrive.

A cabin working group was formed and will bring needed quality short-term accommodation to town. The RSL garden and grounds are revamped and our new Police Station is state of the art.

The Stick Shed is regularly open and attracts many visitors to town and the Railway Station is being fully refurbished to the original design. Concordia College’s original bell tower has been returned and installed. The Show Yards Committee of Management is working on a master plan, which includes upgraded female change room facilities.

These are just a few of the things, as there is always so much going on around town. These achievements were reached by you, the community making them happen. It would be terrific to have you attend the Shire Community Engagement meeting to further promote our activities and show how proud we are of our town and hopefully this will encourage Council to continue supporting our happening little town now and into the future.

I hope to see you on July 4 at the Community Engagement meeting between 5 and 7..00 pm.

Cr. Tom Hamilton