Murtoa Private Housing Initiative – Survey open until 4 July 2023

June 22, 2023

Murtoa Private Housing Initiative:

In follow up to the open community information session, please find attached the survey for feedback and estimates of community investment and interest.

Please distribute this survey widely to understand community investment and interest.

The survey will be open until 4 July 2023. Please note that the information within the survey will be maintained in confidence only by the Secretary and not shared in the interest of privacy.

The next step, after we estimate community investment interest, we will register the company and invite shareholders to set up the company Board [Murtoa progress and WHIP become Shareholder Class A].  Progress will continue to support the company and invite private companies to invest. Refer to the attached action list for more details on next steps.

Please reach out to any Progress member for further information on this initiative.

Murtoa Post Pre-Feasibility Housing Action Plan [next steps] June 2023

Murtoa Private Housing Pre-Feasibility Summary Version 2