Murtoa Mechanics Institute Hall

For event bookings and information, phone 03 5385 2398.

Murtoa Recreation Reserve

  • Murtoa Showyards Committee of Management
  • Lake Street, Murtoa
  • 03 5385 2368

John Gawith: 03 5385 2470
Paul Petering: 03 0428 852 746

For event bookings and information, phone 03 5385 2368.

Murtoa/Marma Race Club

  • Phil Childs
  • 03 5385 2368

Located at the southern edge of town, the Murtoa Race Course has good facilities and lovely, treed surrounds, with Lake Marma nearby. Murtoa retains the major event of the Murtoa Cup held in early October each year.

The Stick Shed


Originally built as a war-time emergency grain storage in 1941, this unique, Australian Heritage Listed structure has become a remarkable example of Aussie ingenuity and the local farming community.

It was constructed using over 560 natural mountain ash poles and is 270m in length. Soaring to 19m in height and a width of 60m, it gives the impression of a grand cathedral. For that reason it is often referred to at “The Cathedral of the Wimmera”.

Located next to the Grain Corp Receival Facility at the East entry to the town, the Stick Shed is open for guided tours and occasional events, such as art shows and art installations, concerts, expos and private weddings.

The Wine & Dine in the Stick Shed, held annually, is a premier fine dining event with famous chefs coming to town to show their culinary prowess to some 200 dining guests.

The Stick Shed entry tickets, souvenirs, maps and tourist brochures are available at the Stick Shed visitor information centre.

Admission $10 Adults, $9 Concession, $5 Children, $20 Family.


Daily 10am – 2pm