Murtoa Business and Industry

Grain Industry

Murtoa lies in the vast Wimmera grain farming district of Victoria and due to its central position, direct railway line between Melbourne and Adelaide and closeness to the major highways it has always served as a major hub for the grain handling industry.

The largest inland grain terminal in Victoria, operated by GrainCorp, was established here as early as in 1930s. The receival centre known as ‘Marmalake’ developed rapidly as bulk handling overtook bags during WWII and the original storage facilities, called “Stick Sheds”, were built to house the large volume of grain.

Today GrainCorp is the largest employer in Murtoa and it manages some 20 hectares of premium farming land. It holds about 400,000 tonnes of grain at its capacity and is a genuine hive of activity during harvest, as countless trucks bring in the crops for storage on site.


Other Businesses

Solomit Strawboard is the largest supplier of brushwood fencing and acoustic strawboard ceiling products in Australia. Established in 1937 Solomit cuts, mills and manufactures its products from 100% Australian grown broombrush and wheat stubble straw. It occupies the old five storey red brick building of Thomas Flour Mill.

Schier Cabinet Makers, located in the old Wimmera Inland Freezing Works on the Wimmera Highway, is a family owned business specializing in custom cabinetry for both domestic and commercial use. Their kitchen and bathroom showroom is located in nearby Horsham.

Baker K & J Earthmoving & Cartage Contractors supply a wide range of gravel, sand & landscaping products with the second soil yard in Horsham.


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