Community Services in Murtoa


Murtoa is a small rural community the roots of which go back to the times the town was established in 1870s. Known for its family friendly, laidback lifestyle the town has an impressive range of amenities at its fingertips, many of which were established more than 100 years ago.

From historic institutions and sights, churches and schools to many clubs, organisations and sporting facilities there are many services and pastimes on offer and activities to get involved in for locals and visitors alike. Located at the gate of Yarriambiack Shire, Murtoa’s favourable climate and location plays an important role in the areas of farming and tourism. When you visit, you can’t help it but feel at peace and relax.


Murtoa is a tight knit community that wears their heart on the sleeve and welcomes newcomers who wish to give a hand, make a difference and reap the fruit of their work.

Are you new to town? Collect your “WELCOME PACK”¬† from the Murtoa Neighbourhood House.


The community within the Shire  is represented by Murtoa Progress Association, a committee of local volunteers who give their time and skills to see Murtoa thrive. Have a close look at the latest Community Action Plan 2021