Dunmunkle Sumpoilers Historic Engines Museum

May 27, 2016


It is a rare sight to see a collection of massive Ruston-Hornsby engines, known as Dunmunkle Sumpoilers, in one place. These wonderfully preserved engines, all shiny and in perfect working order still exist thanks to their private owners who collaboratively come together to share them with the public.

Housed in the historic Wimmera Inland Freezing Works buildings at the East end of Murtoa and impressive in size, each weighing up to twenty tonnes or so, the Dunmunkle Sumpoilers were originally used to generate power for the factory’s refrigeration operations back in 1911.

Watching them run is a truly unforgettable experience and a real priviledge as the Sumpoilers are only shown in action during Murtoa’s Big Weekend, held at the start of October each year.

The Dunmunkle Sumpoilers are not available for casual viewing. We apologise for any inconvenience.